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Your Body

The human body consists of many systems that work side by side. Each system has different characteristics and works in different ways. The following links will explain the types of support these systems need in order to perform well and keep the body running like a "well oiled machine".

Digestive System
A properly functioning digestive system is critical to maintaining good health, including a strong immune and neurological system. Read more
Nervous System
In order for the brain to accomplish all of its important tasks and functions with clarity and precision, it is extremely important for the neurons to be healthy and protected and to have a proper balance of neurotransmitter. Read more
Immune System
Unfortunately, our immune system may not always function properly due to poor nutrition, emotional or physical stress, environmental toxins, genetics, over use of drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of exercise. Read more
Liver Detoxification
The liver does the majority of the detoxification within the body. It is a very complex and versatile organ that is involved in over 300 different functions. Read more
Antioxidant Defense
We are exposed every moment of our lives to highly reactive and toxic molecules, called reactive oxygen species (ROS) or free radicals, that damage our bodies. Read more

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