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Painful sexual intercourse
Pain in the left side of my head
Pain on the neck, shoulder, hand and ear
Pancreas Problems
Papaya and platelet count
Papaya | Dengue | Th1-type cytokines
Papaya - Drinking papaya leaf during pregnancy
Papaya leaf juice in Canada
Papaya leaf juice | How much papaya leaf juice should be given?
Papaya leaf juice - How long should papaya leaf juice be taken?
Papaya leaf juice - How to prepare fresh papaya leaves?
Papaya leaf-Where can I buy papaya leaf or papaya leaf extract?
Papaya | Treatment of Dengue Fever
Pap Smear
Papillomavirus - Pregnancy
Parapsorias - Alternative treatment for parapsorias?
Parapsoriasis | Skin cancer | Fetus
Patellar Tendinitis - Treatment
PCOS|Slight bleeding and blood spotting|Pregnancy problem
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) - Repair or not repair a POP
Pelvic organ prolapse(POP)-Benefits of using patient's own tissue
PMS - Weakness, headache, irritation
Penis - Blood after masturbation
Penis - Blood coming out my penis
Penis Enlargement
Penis size
Pericardiectomy-Information-Caution after Pericardiectomy
Periods - Can one swim during period?
Period has been on for 9 days when it normally last 3 days
Periods - Irregualr periods over the last ten years
Periods - My periods are quite irregular since last year
Period pain | Milk in my breasts
Piriformis syndrome - One sided buttock pain
Physical Activities
Physical fitness in winter time
Physical Therapy
Pills - Colors
Platelet count
Platelet count and Aloe Vera
Platelet count in mice
Platelet count is now 3,000,000 (from 30000)
Platelet count - My blood platelet count is 30,000
Platelet | Low platelet count | Mabthera (rituximap) | Danazon
Platelet transfusion
Platelet count and green leaves
Pleurisy - Chest infection
Pneumonia | Prominence of Azygos | Fat Pad
Postcholecystectomy syndrome (PCS)
Post surgery recovery
Postpartum bleeding
Postpartum depression
Potty training problems
Potty training tips
Probability of having a girl
Preeclampsia - Postpartum Treatment of Preeclampsia
Pregnancy - early symptoms
Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation
Pregnancy and sacroiliitis
Pregnancy and dyed hair
Pregnancy and Measles
Pregnancy and sleeping position
Pregnancy doesn't show
Pregnancy symptoms
Premature baby concerns
Presbyopia - Best food for presbyopia
Prevacid | Vitamin K | Vitamin B12
Procurves for best enlargement
Prostate biopsy pre test
Prostate bleeding
Prostate cancer - Initial symptom
Prostate cancer screening
Prostate conditions
Prostate - Enlarged prostate
Prostate exam - Pudendal nerve pressed after a prostate exam
Protein - Daily intake
Protein sources
Protein supplements - Risk
Pseudomyxoma Peritonei
PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
Pulmonary artery at the level of the aorta
Pulmonary nodule - Sarcoidosis
Rash spread in nursing home
Rash Symptoms
Red, dry skin spots
Red, itchy ring on skin
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis - Can rheumatoid arthritis be healed?
Rheumatologic problems
Rod Surgery
Root canal - Pain two years after treatment
Rotten teeth problems
RUBELLA IGG positive and my next pregnancy
Rubella - Can Rubella cause a miscarriage?
Sacroiliitis - Natural treatment
Sacroiliitis and pregnancy
Sarcoidosis and allergic alveolitis
Sarcoidosis - Causes, signs and symptoms
Sarcoidosis-Eye checkups and watching for other complications
Sebaceous Cyst
Semen color
Semen quality
Sex - My girlfriend has lost her interest in having sex
Shared genes in siblings
Shortness of breath
Shot in the stomach
Sibling DNA
Sickle cell - A 6-year-old child suffering from sickle cell
Skin care issues for elderly people
Skin Itch
Skin Rash Causes
Skin Thinning Prevention
Sleep disorders
Sleeping pill - Mild sleeping pill I can use to sleep better
Sleep routines in children
Sling surgery - Materials used
Slings | Pigskin | Painful intercourse and erosion of tissues
Sloshing sound from stomach - Celiac disease
Skin moisturized
Smell Disorders
Smoking and Permanent damage
Smoking and Surgery
Smoking and Sweating
Smoking-I am a regular chain smoker-How I gain my weight
Snapping Hip Syndrome
Social anxiety - Can psychoanalysis cure social anxiety?
Sodium intake
Sodium levels imbalance
Somalgesic (Carisoprodol) - Daily dosage for Somalgesic
Sores in vaginal area
Soy Milk - How bad it is
Sperm - What is good sperm count?
Spleen - The organ that sits under the ribs on the left side
Splenectomy - Foods to avoid splenectomy
Spondylodiscitis caused by TB
Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis-Can I return to hockey?
Spondylolysis - How long does spondylolysis take to heal?
Spondylolysis - Recovery Time of Spondylolysis
Spondylolysis with spondylolisthesis | Sports I can practice and sports I should avoid.
Spondylosis causes sexual intercourse to be painful
Spondylosis-Playing hockey and doing track and field.
Spondylolisthesis - Will Isthmic spondylolisthesis ever heal?
Spondylolisthesis and bulging disc
Spots on the feet
Spotting (blood) after having sex
STI and Breastfeeding
Stomach cramps and stomach discomfort after breakfast
Stomach Pain
Stomach kidney pain-Irregular periods-Headache-Endometriosis
Stomach problems
Stomach sounds/noises
Stomach Ulcers
Stools watery with white like mucus
Stools - White stool with pain and no odor
Storing insulin at room temperature
Strabismus in newborns
Stress fracture - L5 stress fracture playing hockey
Stress- How I know when I have
Stress - How can I cope with it
Stroke Symptoms
Sudden cessation of medication
Sugar - How much I have to eat every day?
Sunblock ingredients
Sutures - Foreign body reaction to sutures
Swallowed a piece of glass
Sweeting more
Swelling in one foot and leg after surgery
Swollen arm
Swollen gums
Systemic lupus, APS, fibromyalgia and breast pain
Systolic pressure remains at 85-90
Testicular pain
Testosterone levels
Thallium cardiac stress test and visitor pregnancy
Thallium - Exposure to thallium in 22 weeks of pregnancy
Throat - Irritating thing that turns into a cough sometimes.
Thyroid problems - Symptoms
Thyrotropin low levels
Tibial collateral ligament
Tick bites
Tinea corporis
Tingling fingers
Tingling in the rectum
TMJ/Disorders of the Jaw
Toddler walking
Toenail has stopped growing
Toenail infections
Tongue-Nodules on my tongue|Multiple endocrine neoplasia(MEN)
Tonsillectomy - Food
Tonsillectomy - Lose your taste
TORCH IgM test around 8th week with raised CMV
Tubal Ligation
Tubal ligation and late period
Tubal Ligation Reversal
Tuberculosis (T.B) - Alternative treatments
Tuberculosis, Rifampicin and low platelet count
Tuberculosis test
Tubes clamped-Abdominal pressure-Nausea-Gained weight
TVM removed
TVT -After 3 TVT procedures and I am still leaking terribly.
Twin percentage rate
Twin pregnancy probability
Twin probability -Identical -Fraternal
Twin probability
Twins- Statistics of twins
Twitching and depression
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