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Abdominal Bloating
Abdominal noise, pressure, belching and pain
Abdominal Pain
Abdominal pain around the belly button -not stomach pain
Abdominal pain - Lower abdominal pain
Abnormal Pap Smear
Achalasia, a hietal hernia, chronic gastritis, and H. Pylori
Acid reflux and burning tongue
Acupuntura en el tratamiento de la espondilolistesis
Adenomatous glandular nodular hyperplasia
Adrenal gland disorder
Air bubble injected into the body
Alcohol/Medication Interactions
Alcohol - Why is so hard to talk, after drinking alcohol?
Allergic Alveolitis
Allergic Alveolitis versus Sarcoidosis
Alternative treatment for pain
ALT / AST - High numbers
ALT value of 64
Ammonia Smell
Anal bleeding
Anal itching
Anemia - Back pain, joint pain, headache, numbness, insomnia, dark circles, nervousness and fatigue
Angina | Is there any cure for angina?
Angiokeratoma -Painful black spots on Scrotum
Anhidrosis (lack of sweat)
Antibodies - What are antibodies?
Appendicitis-How do I know if the pain is appendicitis?
Arm and chest pain
Arnold-Chiari Malformation
Artificial sweeteners vs sugar
Ascites - Would sweating help reduce the ascites?
Aspirin and High Blood Pressure
Assisted Living Facility
Asthma and physical exercise
Asthma and medications
Asthma | Side effects or impact of using a ventilator
Atopic Dermatitis
Baby formula - What is best
Baby wakes up every two hours
Back burning when I do a lot of jumping and lifting
Back Pain
Back pain treatment
Bad Breath
Bad taste in mouth
BB like ball under my skin between my legs
Beard growth and hormones
Bee Sting Allergies
Behavior-Describe, understand, predict and influence behaviors
Benadryl and Xanax interactions
Bencoprim and Soma
Bencoprim - How should I take it?
Benign Polymorphism of the TR sequencing
Best time to take Prevacid,Metamucil,Vitamins,Pycnogenol
Bilateral Hilar Prominence
Bilateral Hilar Fullness
Bile duct hamartomas and pancreas disease
Biliary hamartomas | Diet and exercise
Biliary Hamartomas | Permanent pain in upper right side
Bilirubin and ALP high levels and very high levels of ALT
Bipolar disorder and work
Birth control injection side effects
Bladder falling | I have not been able to "get wet" during intercourse or masturbation
Bladder infection-Is it possible to have it for more than a week?
Bladder infection treatment
Bladder sling surgery
Bladder sling surgery - Avoid stairs?
Bladder sling surgery-Painful
Bladder sling - Vagina Infection - Left side pain
Bleach drinking in children
Bleeding after sex
Bleeding from a sore throat
Bleeding on the skin
Bleeding sores
Blocked Tear Duct
Blood after peeing
Blood in the semen
Blood in the sperm
Blood in the urine
Blood in urine - Sudden blood in urine
Blood platelets increase
Blood pressure , heart rate and fight and flight
Blodd pressure , heart rate and physical activity
Blood pressure under 90
Blood test
Blood Types
Bloodshot eyes
Bloody Stools
Body wrap for sweating
Bone growth
Bones - The best exercise for them
Bowel incontinence
Bowel loops | Right hilar prominence | Low calcium
Bowel movements - Causes of loose bowel movements
Breast cancer survivor and cancer recurrence
Breast brings out milk when making love
Breast cyst - When to remove a breast cyst?
Breast - Pain under left breast
Breast pain years after surgery for Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia
Burning sensation on lips and fingers
Burst blood vessels in eyes
Butter vs. Margarine
Buttock muscle pain - How long does it last?
Calcium Ascorbate interaction with Prevacid
Calcium carbonate interaction with Metoprolol and Hydrochlorothiazide
Calcium sources for vegans
Carcinoma Ductal Invasive
Cardiac structure dimensions
Celiac disease
Celiac disease the cause of my Hashimoto's Disease
Cell division - Tissue with constant cell division
Centrilobular emphysema
Cervical cancer symptoms
Caesarean section | Neonatal jaundice
Chest is blocked and painful when I cough
Chest - bothersome feeling
Chest lump
Chest pains and pressure
Child with bathroom problems
Chlamydia Diagnosis
Cholesterol in common foods
Cholesterol - Symptoms of hypercholesterolemia
Chromosomes line up in mitosis
Chronic ear infection
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic liver disease - Papaya leaf juice for low platelet
Chronic Osteomyelitis
Cleft Palate surgery
Clotrimazole(Lotrimin)-How it works and when I'll see results?
Cluster headaches
Cocaine use and nose problems
Code 3 stroke danger
Cold for my knee injury
Coenzyme Q10 in teenagers
Colon Cancer
Colon cancer survival rate for stage III B
Colorectal polyps
Common cold
Conjunctivitis Treatment
Constipation and fats
Constipation in a Two-Month-Old Baby
Contact dermatitis - Household product that can cause it
Contraceptive Injection
Copper-Blood copper level that constitutes copper toxicity
Cortisol - 8 am cortisol level at 5.7
Coughed up 2 clots
Cough Problems
Cough suppressants and expectorants
Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD)
C-section-Abdominal pain, cramps & lump
C-sections - Could the nerves have been so damaged that they don't work anymore?
C-section - Damage it does to the muscles and nerves
C-section | Delivery after surgery for fibroid
C-section-Does c-section cause back pains in the future?
C-section - Numb around the scar and my stomach
C-section - Painful at the end of urinating after c-section
C-section | Scar red and painful | Red bump painful
C-section - Sensation of pain and burning after surgery
C-Section - Side effects
C section - When I have a period my urine fills my tampon
CS operation | Abdominal pain and swelling after 12 years
CT scan - The scope of a pelvic-abdominal CT scan
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) may cause erectile dysfunction
Cystitis - Antibiotics treatment
Cystocele repair - Painful intercourse for my husband
Cyst on my breast and high alkaline level
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in torch test
Dark urine with no pain or other symptoms
Decapeptyl treatment - Period back
Degenerated spinal disc
Degenerative disc disease
Dengue fever and aloe vera juice
Dengue fever - Ayurvedic preparation
Depo-Provera - Bleeding Irregularities
Depo provera - How to stop bleeding from depo provera
DHEA and Hypothyroidism
DHEA out of range
DHEA-sulfate levels
DHEA-sulfate out of range.Symptoms
Diabetes | Antioxidants | Monavie Juice
Diabetic husband
Diabetes - Chances of normal delivery in diabetic patient
Diabetes | Chromium | Cinnamon | Coenzyme Q10
Diabetes symptoms in teenagers
Diarrhea and constipation - Causes
Diet pills
Discharge to look like when lime juice has been added to milk
Distal phalanx joint of my thumb is stuck
Dynamic left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) obstruction
Diverticulosis and alcohol
Dizziness - I am experiencing very bad dizziness
Dizziness when exercising
Dizzy Spells
Drunk and not realizing
Dry mouth - causes and treatment
Dyshidrosis treatment
Ear infection
Ear infection and walking in children
ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin)
ECG results
Eczema symptoms
Effexor XR ingredients
Effexor side effects
Ejaculation that takes too long
Electrolyte imbalance
Elevated liver enzymes (ALT)
Elmiron raises GGT and ALT levels.
Emphotin and BMA (British Medical Association)
Embryo gender
Emphysema - Cure in the near future
Emphysema - Emphotin
Emphysema - Excessive urination
Emphysema - Headache
Emphysema - Last research
Emphysema- Oxygen and emphotin
Emphysema - Who's trying to make $
Empty Gestational Sac - Causes
Epididymis - Testicle Infection
Erectile Dysfunction
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - Normal range
Eating service in an Assisted Living Facility
Exemestane and HER+ breast cancer
Exercise after 50
Eyes - burst blood vessels
Eye infection
Eyelid rash
Eyelid styes
Eyelid swelling
Eyes - Worm-like object in my eyes
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