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Question (09/01/2011):

Title: Causes of cloudy urine .

I experience cloudy urine from March this year.

No vaginal discharge, no pain, no itches.

What could it be?

Ms P


Dear Ms P,

Causes of cloudy urine may include the following:

1-Pyuria or dead leukocytes

Pyuria is the presence of pus (dead white blood cells) in the urine.Pyuria may be originateed in the urinary tract or neighboring organs

This may occur in an uroenteric fistula.


Bacteriuria is defined as the elimination of germs in recently urine excretion.

If there is any urinary infection germs appear in the urine and it may not have any signs or symptoms of inflammation


Oxalic acid comes in a small proportion from internal factors.

Most of it is the result of an exogenous input through foods such as chocolate, coffee, leafy vegetables, asparagus, beets, rhubarb, raspberries, blueberries, plums, grape juice, juice citrus and almonds.

Much of oxalic acid consumed is metabolized in the liver and the rest is excreted in the urine and feces.


Phosphaturia is an abnormal excretion of calcium phosphates in the urine.

In its acute form phosphaturia may be caused by endogenous reasons as fatigue and febrile seizures in infectious diseases.

In the chronic form it may occur by endogenous or exogenous causes such as diabetes, urinary tuberculosis or by eating plenty of beef.


Uricosuria or uricuria is knownd as the elimination of uric acid in urine.

The hyperuricuria caused by sodium urate is related to gout crises and the hyperuricuria caused by urate calcium is related to urinary stones


It is known as the elimination of lymph mixed with urine.The chyluria may have a parasitic or non-parasitic origin.

The parasitic causes are due to the parasitic entry into the hypogastric and abdominal lymph vessels of the tropical parasite Filaria brancofti that goes into the kidneys through the arteries.

Non-parasitic causes are: renal trauma, renal surgery (partial nephrectomy), tuberculosis, kidney cancer, urinary syphilis and poisoning by carbon monoxide, phosphorus and mercury which are capable of making an urinary lymph fistula.

7- Pneumaturia

The elimination of air or gas with the urine is known as pneumaturia.

Gas elimination with urine is an abnormal occurrence.

Their existence may indicate:

a) Endogenous formation of gas within the urinary tract.

b) Exogenous penetration of gas into urinary system, for having unwittingly injected (by cystoscopy) or for coming from an intestinal viscera or cavity that contains the gas.


Fecaluria is the elimination of fecal matter with the urine.

The fecaluria is an abnormal condition that certifies the existence of an uroenteric fistula.

A fistula is an abnormal channel or connection between organs, vessels or tubes. It can be the result of stress, injury, surgery, infection and inflammation, or it can be congenital.


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