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I pass a lot of white from the vagina with no odor but abdominal pain.

Could it be an infection?



Discharges during phases of the fertility cycle vary, based on the phase that we're in. During one part, they may be thicker, creamier and white, while during others, that mucus is thinner, clearer and more fluid.

Because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ we also have discharges which keep everything in balance so that we don't wind up with an infection.

Some vaginal or sexually transmitted infections can also create different discharges which really can smell pretty funky.

Changes in vaginal discharge that may signal a problem include an increase in the amount of discharge, a change in the color or smell of the discharge, and irritation, itchiness or burning in or around your vagina.

These changes can occur if the normal balance of healthy bacteria (germs) in your vagina is upset. Many things can disturb the balance of a healthy vagina, including douching, feminine hygiene sprays, certain soaps or bubble baths, antibiotics, diabetes, pregnancy or infections.

Signs of bacterial vaginosis are:

# A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
# A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap

You are completely healthy and normal if your discharge is cloudy white has no odor or has a slightly salty odor, increases in amount and becomes "stringy" (like egg whites) during the middle of your menstrual cycle when you are ovulating.

If your discharge changes, it may be a sign that you have a vaginal infection

If you have a vaginal infection, you may have any of the following:

* Vaginal odor
* Vaginal itching
* Vaginal burning
* Pain or irritation with urination or sexual intercourse
* Discharge different from normal

A normal vaginal discharge does not have a foul odor and usually has no odor at all. Normal vaginal discharge often appears clear or milky when it dries on your clothing;

Thick white vaginal discharge can indicate abnormalities such as cervical cancer or lichen sclerosus.

White discharge resembling cottage cheese may indicate Chlamydia (a common sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria).

As long as there is no odor, no discolor and no itching or burning, a different vaginal discharge is not worrisome.

Pus-filled discharge can indicate pelvic inflammatory disease. It is usually accompanied by lower abdominal pain and fever.

Other symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are:

* Back pain

* Abnormal uterine bleeding

* Unusual or heavy vaginal discharge

* Painful urination

* Painful sexual intercourse

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