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I have been diagnosed with biliary hamartomas and have 2 questions:

1. Would like to know what should be my diet

2. Can I exercise ie dance and walk?

Please help me

Best Regards A



Dear Ana,

Hamartomas of the liver and biliary system are extremely rare entities in both animals and humans

Hamartomas are rare tumors in animals and humans.

A low-sodium diet should be recommended in people with hamartomas

The liver is the metabolic center for all nutrients.

Liver disease can interfere with metabolism in the organ and, thus, can have a negative impact on nutritional status.

Patients with liver disease should maintain a balanced diet containing 1 to 1.5 g of protein per kg per day.

The recommended diet for anyone suffering from liver disease is high in carbohydrate, low in protein, low in fat diet, and low in sodium.

In general, recommendations for patients with severe liver disease may include:

* Large amounts of carbohydrate foods. Carbohydrates should be the major source of calories in this diet.

* Moderate intake of fat. The increased carbohydrates and fat help preserve the protein in the body and prevent protein breakdown.

* About 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. This means that a 154-pound (70-kilogram) man should eat 70 grams of protein per day. This does not include the protein from starchy foods and vegetables. A person with a severely damaged liver may need to eat less protein than this, and may even be limited to small quantities of special nutritional supplements. Avoid limiting protein too much, however, because it can lead to malnutrition.

* Vitamin supplements, especially B-complex vitamins.

* Limit sodium (typically 1 - 2 grams per day) if you are retaining fluid.

Ueno T, Sugawara H, Sujaku K, Hashimoto O, Tsuji R, Tamaki S, Torimura T, Inuzuka S, Sata M and Tanikawa K. reported in 1997 that restricted diet and exercise therapy, such as walking and jogging, are useful means of improving blood biochemical data and histological findings in liver tissues .

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