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Question: My toenail has fallen off and is regrowing, it looks horrible, there is a bubble in the first quarter of an inch of nail, now it is very painful and its like I feel the nail grow, the nail also looks to be trying to grow into the nail bed about half way up my toe.




Dear Sarah,

Onychocryptosis, commonly known as ingrown nails or ingrowing nails, is a common form of nail disease.

It is a painful condition in which the nail grows or cuts into one or both sides of the nail bed. While ingrown nails can occur in both the nails of the hand and feet, they occur most commonly with toenails.

Treatment of ingrown nails ranges from soaking the afflicted area to surgery. The appropriate method is dictated by the severity of the condition.

In nearly all cases, drainage of blood or watery discharge should mean a trip to the doctor, usually a podiatrist, a specialist trained explicitly to treat these conditions.

Most practitioners agree that trying to outwait the condition is nearly always fruitless, as well as agonizing.

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A common ingrown nail can also create swelling, redness and a little bit of discomfort in the affected area.

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