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Question: What is my percentage rate for having twins if my grandmother's siblings are fraternal twins,

and my husbands mother is a fraternal twin?



Dear Rose,

If your husband is a twin or has twins in his family, it doesn't affect your chances of having twins.
If you father is a twin and you are a female, it may slightly increase your chances.
The rates for identical twins are 1 in 285 and for fraternal twins 1 in 43 (both are universal and random figures).
Genetics plays a chance in the mother's family but not in the father's family
Based on the law of Hellin (1895): twins occur in 1/89 births, triplets 1/ (89)2, quadruplets 1/(89)3.
Identical, or monozygotic, twins are of the same sex and are genetically identical and physically similar, because they both come from one ovum (egg), which, after fertilization, divides in two and develops into two separate fetuses.
Fraternal, or dizygotic, twins occur when the mother produces two eggs in one monthly cycle and both eggs are fertilized.
The conceptions may take place on two separate occasions and could involve different fathers.

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