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Question: I am 23 years old. I have of course reached my puberty. The problem is with my beard. I have not grown a full beard yet. The area under my nose and the one on my chin has hair that looks like a beard. But the rest just looks like soft hair. My beard does not grow long enough in a long time. I have the same soft hair on my chest too. Not the pubic hair though. It has the thickest hair on my body. My question is why am I not having a natural nice beard? Am I running short of some kind of a hormone? I have unusually thick hair on my head. I have a very heavy and masculine voice too.I have no other health problems. Please help. Thank you, John

Answer: Dear John,

Beard growth is usually determined by genetics and hormones. While some men are able to grow big, thick beards, other cannot.

There is not treatment for unsatisfactory beard growth unless it is due to a hormonal imbalance. A doctor can perform tests to diagnose hormonal problems.

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