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Question: In my country I used a special sunblock with gel (ISDIN Brand). This sunblock had:
- Etihexil metoxicinamato
- Metil benciliden alcanfor
- Metilen bis-benzotriazolil
- Tetrametilbutilfenol
- 4-tbutil-4metoxidbenzoilmetano
- Pantenol
- Acetato tocoferol
- Palmitato retinol

Is there a product like this in Australia? Sergio

Answer: Dear Sergio,

The brand ISDIN is not available in Australia. Every skin care product contains an ingredient list in its packaging. By comparing ingredients, it is possible to find what products are similar.

When shopping for sunblock it is important that ingredients that block UV and UVA rays are present. Some of the ingredients to look for are:

- methoxycinnamate
- Parson 1789
- Zinc oxide
- Titanium dioxide
- Aveobenzone
- Oxybenzone
- Octocrylene

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