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Question: A few days ago, I got a headache that was a sudden pain in the back of my head, on the lower left side. Took Advil throughout the day. Pain subsided some but was still there. That night, the pain in same area was so bad, I was afraid there was really something wrong. Five days later pain is still there, it comes and goes but often times extremely painful, especially if I move to fast. Still, only in that part of my head. I am 53. Any ideas. Cindy

Answer: Dear Cindy,

The symptoms you mention are similar to those of a cluster headache. They are a form of chronic headaches and when they occur they are severe and sudden. There is no specific cause for this type of headache.

A cluster headache can occur every day for months, alternating with headache-free periods. Smoking, alcohol, glare and stress can trigger attacks.

Some medications can prevent and relief cluster headaches.

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