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Question: I have a dual lead pacemaker fitted in 1997. Since then it's been found that two main valves start normal then narrow. Left ventricule does not function very well so I only get 45% oxygen to apex of heart and not good blood supply. I had an angiogram which Spanish doctor says arteries are normal. I don't understand why all other tests show these problems. Can anything be done and what is the outcome on life expectancy? Medication taken is morphine, warferin, indapamida, ramipril, pravastatine, diltiazem, rapeprazol, phentinel patches. Julie

Answer: Dear Julie,

An angiogram lets doctors see and study the blood vessels. An angiogram helps a doctor diagnose blockages of the arteries surrounding the heart, enlargement of the arteries, malformed arteries and problems with the veins.

The arteries may show no problems at all in an angiogram but problems can still exist inside the heart.

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