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Question: My husband has been having the feeling that he has to urinate all the time. This is accompanied by a low pressure stream, dripping throughout the day and pain at the end of his penis. We went to an urologist who checked his prostate and said that was fine and said that he could not see anything wrong and to come back in three weeks if it was not better. This seems too long to wait and he is very uncomfortable. He also went to our family Dr. who ruled out a urinary track infection. Do you have any suggestions as to what may be going on? Beth

Answer: Dear Beth,

The common causes for urinary problems are urinary tract infections and prostate inflammation which have been checked by your doctor.

Increased urination can sometimes be a symptom of diabetes and is usually accompanied by:

- Increased thirst
- Weight loss in spite of increased appetite
- Fatigue
- Nausea

Urine testing is usually helpful to diagnose urinary system disorders. The following are usually checked:

- Glucose, a sign of diabetes or other diseases.
- Protein, a sign of kidney damage, or nephropathy.
- White blood cells, a sign of urinary tract infection.

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