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Question: I have been ill. It feels like I have "morning sickness" although it is not possible that I'm pregnant. I have severe abdominal pain, I am nauseated, light headed and sometimes I faint. I am 40 years old. I have had 2 abnormal glandular cell paps recently. I did have an appointment with a gynecologist but it was postponed by his office. My symptoms are becoming worse instead of better. I don't know if this is something I should concern myself about and try to get seen to now rather that in a few months when an appointment may become available. I also have 3 to 4 mini menses a month and spot almost daily. Cindylou

Answer: Dear Cindylou,

Since you've had two abnormal glandular cell paps, it is important that you visit you ob-gyn sooner rather than later and explain all the symptoms you have.

Symptoms of cervical cancer include:

- Continuos vaginal discharge
- Vaginal bleeding between periods
- Heavy and long periods
- Weight loss
- Pelvic pain
- Back pain
- Weight loss
- Bone fractures

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