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Question: My son has been potty trained for 2 years. He did good except for night time. Now he always pees and poops on the floor or he hides to do it. He knows he has to go and you tell him to but he waits and does it on the floor. What could be wrong? Someone said to de-worm him. Is that true or is something wrong? Linda

Answer: Dear Linda,

A child that is potty trained can have problems if he is scared of having a bowel movement. Having passed a hard stool can create fear in a child making him not want to go to the bathroom in the future and ignore the urge to poop.

Going back to diapers for a while can help as long as the child does not feel this is a permanent solution. Diets high in fiber and liquids that soften the stool can help as well.

Deworming is only necessary when a child is infected with pinworms.

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