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Question: My 15 month old grandson keeps getting yeast rash. His doctor ordered Nystatin creme which does not help. Any more helpful products out there? Should it be treated oraly or topically? Anita

Answer: Dear Anita,

Usually the best treatment for yeast rash is using topical anti-yeast/anti-fungal creams. Well known products include Lotrimin AF, Monistat and Nystatin. These products do not need a prescription and should be used as directed in the packaging. It usually takes a few days for the rash to dissapear.

The best way to prevent yeast rash in the future is by following these steps:

- Change a wet/soiled diaper as soon as possible
- Clean a baby's bottom after each bowel movement and let it dry before using the next diaper.
- Do not slap diapers very tightly, so air can circulate around the skin.

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