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Question: After routine blood work to check levels- it says my DHEA-Sulfate is high (550). What does this mean and should I see a doctor? Sandra

Answer: Dear Sandra,

Normal values of DHEA-sulfate are as follows:

18-29 Years: 62-615 ug/dL
30-39 Years: 52-400 ug/dL
40-49 Years: 44-352 ug/dL
50-59 Years: 39-183 ug/dL
60 Years or older: 11-150 ug/dL

These values can be increased by the following:

- Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
- Adrenal carcinoma
- Virilizing tumors of the adrenals

High levels of DHEA-sulfate may warn a doctor to check for other symptoms of the conditions mentioned aboved.

People usually suffer from low levels of DHEA and many take supplements. If you take any supplements check if they contain DHEA as that may be the reason for the high levels.

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