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Question (10/11/2012):

Title: Lymph nodules showing up everywhere

Hello I have a history of lymph nodules showing up anywhere and everywhere.

In 2007 I had a 11mm lymph nodule on my liver it was there until early 2010.

Then it disappeared and one showed up a 7.6mm lymph nodule in the middle lobe of my right lung and in Sept 2010 it disappeared.

In October of 2012, 3 lymph nodules one was a 4.2 another was a 2.2 and the third was a 6.1 mm all inside my digestive system.

Are there any diseases or conditions that fit my symptoms?

I also frequently at 1 or 2 times per month have lymph nodes behind my ears and a line down both sides of the back of my neck under my chin like where the salivary glands are and on the jaw bone right under the front of each ear the all swell and hurt very bad.

Usually within 4 days they star going away. Any help please


Thank you very much for your question.

Lymphatic nodules are sites of lymphocyte (B-cells) proliferation/activation.

Aberrant antibody production by B cells is implicated in many autoimmune diseases; B cells are also susceptible to malignant transformation.

Some microbial antigens can activate B cells directly in the absence of T-cell help.

B cells, the source of damaging autoantibodies, have long been thought to depend upon T cells for their activation.

Many scientists believed that B cells remain quiet in autoimmune diseases unless they are stimulated first by T cells.

Yale University researchers in 2008 proposed that once B cells are activated via Toll-like receptors, they can subsequently recruit T cells and that this can lead to a "vicious cycle" of chronic autoimmune disease in which the two types of cell activate each other.

The findings might explain why treatments that target T cells in autoimmune diseases have fared relatively poorly, while newer treatments aimed at B cells have shown great promise.


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