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Every month after my monthly period is over I have some itching on the external part of my vagina.

I use Johnson & Johnson Stayfree.

Do you think it's the Stayfree I use?



Dear Ashantie,

STAYFREE® Advanced Protection, with the unique DRYTECH SYSTEM™, is the first STAYFREE® line developed specifically to protect against both menstrual and bladder leaks.

The chemicals in many pads can cause perineal skin irritation. Natural cotton pads that you launder in hypo allergenic detergent are alright to use.

Pads can cause irritation and itching.

There are also several living habits and bodily care changes that are felt to help prevent vulvar skin irritation so that a secondary yeast vulvitis (as opposed to a primary yeast vaginitis) does not develop:

* Avoid pantyhose and tight pants such as jeans which trap moisture near the perineum

* After exercise or any sweat producing activity, bathing or swimming, make sure the perineum is air dryed. Moist surfaces that rub against each other break down and provide an area for yeast secondary growth

* Wear loose, all cotton underwear (not cotton crotch panties) that absorbs body moisture.

* Wipe front to back when you urinate or have a bowel movement. Bowel bacteria and yeast can cause vulvar skin breakdown and vaginal infection.

* Use tampons instead of sanitary pads.

* Do not shave the vulvar area. The pubic hair protects against chemicals making contact with the skin.

* Avoid all chemicals in the Vulvovaginal area.

* Follow a low carbohydrate diet with almost no simple carbohydrates, only a small amount of complex carbohydrates.

* Take steroids, antibiotics and oral contraceptives only if absolutely necessary.

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