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Hi, I am 19,male.Three months back it was itching at the genital area and visited a doctor when the pimple like thing blacken. after examining it he told me it is herpes and suggested some medicines and cream.

Within 2-3 days it was fully okay. But from last 8-9 days it started itching again and black spots are visible at the inner thigh side.

Earlier I asked you about genital herpes you guided me well and told me all the thing in detail and how it spreads.

But the below question worries me a lot. Please help. In my life till date I did not have sexual intercourse or did not caress, fondle, petted or touched that way any one. It is not hereditary.

How did I get affected with it? What kind of blood test is required for this? In future will I be a father of healthy child?


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