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Question: I have developed a rash/mark on my left side eyelid. It did not respond to over the counter medications. I saw the doctor who gave me a prescription and it still did not go away. I have an appointment set up but I'm still concerned. Mark started out looking like a cut and now looks like a scar. Paul

Answer: Dear Paul,

You may have a stye on your eyelid. A stye is a small lump that appears on, inside or under the eyelid and is a result of a bacterial infection that occurs when the oil glands around the eyelashes get clogged.

They are harmless but can cause redness, tenderness, pain and eye watering.

Styes usually drain themselves out but applying a warm wet compress over the area a few times a day may speed up the process. Do not squeeze the stye. A doctor may prescribe a topical antibiotic to treat it.

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