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Question: I still have 2-3 nodules on the left side of my tongue after taking out 1.2cm of nodules on the right, should I take them out? If taken out, are they likely to keep recurring? My endocrinologist assured me that if I don't have multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) now, I would not get it in the future. Since I do not have MEN now, what is the % risk of MEN in the future? Should I send my son age 14 for a check up also if I do not have MEN now? When a person gets MEN, what is the chances of survival if we go for regular checkups? Thank you, Angie

Answer: Dear Angie,

Multiple endocrine neoplasia ) is an inherited disorder that affects the endocrine glands. If a person does not inherit the disorder, he or she will not suffer from it. If a person does not have the MEN gene mutation in their genetic code, it cannot be transmitted to children.

There is no cure for MEN itself, but most of the health problems caused by MEN can be recognized at an early stage and controlled or treated before they become serious.

If a person is diagnosed with MEN, it is important to get periodic checkups because MEN can affect different glands, and even after treatment, residual tissue can grow back. Most MEN cases will have a long and productive life.

When mucosal neuromas are asymptomatic they do not need treatment but can be surgically removed if the patients wishes to do so. Regular follow ups are important due to the potential for thyroid or adrenal cancer.

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