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Question: I quite often get the urge to go to the toilet and when I get there I find I no longer need to go. This mainly happens if I am going on a journey or walking to work. I am also finding this starting to happen at work when I am on a tea break with other colleagues I am having to get up suddenly and rush to the loo, it is becoming embarrassing. I thought it was IBS but I don't have any stomach pain, just what i described previously. I find that in these situations if I take deep breaths it helps a bit, but I want to know the reason this is happening and what I can do to combat it. Please help, I have had a colonoscopy in the past and I know that I have a healthy colon, and IBS has been ruled out. This what is happening is a more recent thing, which has been going on now for about 2 - 3 months, I have just put up with it until now, there is a 3 weeks waiting list for my doctor surgery. Please if you can shed some light on this it would be appreciated. Shirley

Answer: Dear Shirley,

The urge to use the toilet may be related to fecal incontinence. With fecal incontinence, stool leaking is the problem, not just the need to use the toilet.

If the digestive tract has been examined by a doctor and it's in good working order, the cause could be associated to an emotional disturbance. If that's the case, psychological treatment may be necessary to overcome the problem.

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