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Question (11/24/2011):

Title: Can an asthmatic person do physical exercise?.

Can an asthmatic person do physical exercise through fitness machine?



Asthma is a complex syndrome whose main features include an airflow obstruction in varying degrees, bronchial hyperresponsiveness and inflammation of the airways. Your triggers are primarily allergens, drugs, viruses, smoke snuff and cold and moisture.

The main treatment is pharmacological, followed by chest physiotherapy and avoidance of exposure to allergens, all accompanied by physical exercise course, much feared by patients with asthma.

The person with asthma should not refrain from physical exercise simply for their asthmatic condition because the exercise, conducted in a manner appropriate to their condition, can bring many benefits.

Asthma in general, is not a limiting factor for exercise. However, some people with asthma have a poorer physical condition than expected for their age.

This may be due to:

-Physical deconditioning

-Poor nutritional status due to steroids

-Other factors such as psychological unbalance

The advantages of physical exercise in asthmatic patients are:

1. Improved physical fitness and exercise tolerance itself, because it improves the ventilatory demand, the maximum capacity to exercise and aerobic capacity.

2. The hyperventilating which is caused during the performance of physical effort is reduced or less severe as the physical condition improves.

3. Physical exercise helps to reduce anxiety and nervousness caused by the attacks. That is, providing psychological benefits. Even in severe asthmatics the reserve capacity of the lungs is greater when there is an improving in the overall physical condition.

4. Physical activity in asthmatic children improves mental and physical development, psycho benefits facilitate to the children their integration into their social group and teaches them to prepare for a healthy life as adults.

When we start a physical activity for the first time we all get tired, we feel fatigue and shortness of breath.

In asthmatic patients, both children and adults who have not played sports before, these feelings are even stronger.

Therefore, , so that over time they learn to distinguish between normal breathlessn the adaptation of the patient with asthma to sports should be very gradualess by intense exercise and the sensation of drowning by an asthma attack.

Therefore the prescription of an exercise program for patients with asthma, to be complete, accurate and not a source of injury, should improve at least three basic physical qualities of the human body, so that the amendments made on the body lead to an overall and well planned improvement.

Any type of prescription for exercise should focus on improving endurance, strength and flexibility of the asthmatic patient, which ultimately it will help him to have a better quality of life.

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