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When you have an infection in the epididymis, can ejaculation assist with some pain relief?

Can this be caused by not ejaculating and or not having intercourse?


Epididymitis is inflammation or infection of the epididymis that is usually caused by a bacteria.

The exact bacteria are identified in about 80% of cases.

In men younger than 35 years, the causes are usually the same organisms that cause the sexually transmitted diseases of chlamydia (responsible for nearly 50-60% of cases) and gonorrhea.

In those older than 35 years and men who participate in anal intercourse, the causes are usually coliforms, which are bacteria (such as Escherichia coli) that live in the intestines. These organisms also cause bladder infections.

Chemical epididymitis (rare) is inflammation caused by the backward flow of urine when exercising or having sex with a full bladder.

Pain during ejaculation is one symptom of epididymitis.

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