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Question: Blocked tear duct, please advise what could cause this and what to do. Eye tears all the time. Could eye plugs cause a problem, for dry eyes? Although I do not have any in my eyes at this time. Had them taken out, because of the tearing & now I really have a problem. Could they damage your Tear Duct Gland? Doctor irragated my eye several times trying to correct problem. Melba

Answer: Dear Melba,

A blocked tear duct may be damaged by infection, injury or tumor. Treatment is based on the cause of the obstruction. This may re-open the duct if there is minimal damage. Often surgical reconstruction (dacryocystorhinostomy) will be needed to re-establish normal tear drainage and stop the overflow onto the cheek.

The following are common tests that a doctor my perform to diagnose the problem:

Standard ophthalmic exam
Internal examination of the nose
Fluorescein eye stain to observe the drainage of tears
Special x-ray studies may be done to study the duct

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