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Question (05/27/2014):

Title: TVM removed .

I am having my TVM removed and I am going to have the monarch put in is there any feedback on those procedures thank you.



Dear Eve,

Thank you very much for your question.

The FDA 7-13-11 update stated:

- Complications associated with TVM are not associated with traditional surgery

- Adverse affects continue despite removal of the mesh

- As much as 10% of the mesh may erode within 12 months of surgery

- 50% of women who have surgery to remove the TVM continue to have complications/side effects because the mesh is often impossible to completely remove as it was partially absorbed

- Complications of TVM for posterior repair (rectal prolapse) outweigh the reward

- Surgery to implant TVM has a higher incidence of 2nd surgery than any other vaginal surgery

- Incontinence post-TVM surgery is more frequent than with traditional methods

- The update was not specific to any manufacturer or brand.

Monarc Transobturator Sling

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