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Question (05/08/2011):

Title: Prevacid | Vitamin K | Vitamin B12 .

I take 15 mg of Prevacid in the morning.

I am concerned about hip fractures in the future so I take a Vit. K supplement daily.

Is this combination good, safe, not safe, what?

I have read that I should take vit. B 12 if I take Prevacid.

True/Not True?

I am 63.



Dear Sharyn,

Vitamin K is safe for most people.

You can find more information related to that at:

Prevacid and Vitamin K

Long term (greater than 2 years), high dose treatment with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) such as prevacid (lansoprazole) has been occasionally associated with low B12 levels.

If you have been taking a PPI for some time, especially at high doses, it may be worth watching for symptoms of B12 deficiency (weakness, tiredness, pale skin and - at very low levels - tingling in fingers and toes) and/or working with your doctor to occasionally check your B12 levels.

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