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Hello. I am 18 yrs girl I am too worried and getting depressed day by day.

Actually when I was of 16 yr I suffered from liver tuberculosis (T.B) for which I took medicine for about 12 months.

Then after one year again there was a symptom of T.B in my stomach for which I took medicine for about 9 months.

And I just went for a checkup to my gynecologist because I am having only 1 day period these days.So she tested and again there are symptoms of T.B.

I am really tensed I don't want that medicine again in fact I would prefer to die.

Please help me.

Reply soon.



Dear Shivangi,

Alternative treatments for Tuberculosis may include:

* Drosera homeopathic prevention
* Bacillinum homeopathic prevention and treatment
* Arsenicum homeopathic remedy
* Bryonia homeopathic remedy
* Cinchona homeopathic remedy
* Silica homeopathic remedy
* Baptisia homeopathic remedy
* Belladonna homeopathic remedy
* Dulcamara homeopathic remedy
* Ferrum phos homeopathic remedy
* Pulsatilla homeopathic remedy
* Sulphur homeopathic remedy
* Sanguinaria homeopathic remedy
* Cimicifuga homeopathic remedy

Apart from the most recent regimens employing ethambutol and rifampicin, the best results for gynecological tuberculosis were obtained with a combination of streptomycin, PAS and isoniazid for 18 month or 2 yr.

Today the treatment of choice is a combination of rifampicin, ethambutol and isoniazid for 1 yr.

Surgery should be employed where drug treatment has failed.

It is essential that women with tuberculosis of the pelvic organs should be followed up indefinitely after drug treatment.

Tuberculosis is curable and one needs to remember that at all times. With proper care and management, the disease can be completely cured and the person can go back to leading a normal life.

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