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Following my recent question to you I have has 2 chest x-ray and the results were 1 said a mild hilar prominence and the second says slight progression.
I am also experiencing since getting the infections I am experiencing lots of allergy attack resulting in face swelling.




Dear Toni,

High-resolution CT scan of the chest may be indicated.

A prominent hilar shadow on the chest x-ray of a non-smoker suggests sarcoidosis, pulmonary hypertension or lymphoma.

Other considerations include tuberculosis or a fungal infection, while lung cancer is an unlikely diagnosis.

However, in some cases the isolated x-ray abnormality is not significant for any disease.

To evaluate it further, a CT-scan and an electrocardiogram would be needed, and they may suggest the need for a bronchoscopy and a biopsy of any solid lesion.

Sputum examination may not be reliable, and blood tests cannot provide a definitive diagnosis.

Skin testing for tuberculosis would be significant if the test was positive, provided it was known to be negative previously.

A chest x-ray showning a hilar prominence may suggest sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis (an interstitial lung disease) is a rare disease that results from inflammation.

Ninety percent of the cases of sarcoidosis are found in the lungs and is called pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis constitutes 2% of interstitial lung disease.

It may be suggested a high-resolution CT scan for further investigation.

Sarcoidosis is usually asymptomatic, which means there are no outward signs that the person has the disease.

This is why so many cases of sarcoidosis are discovered by chance during a routine x-ray.

When symptoms appear, the most common are:

- Respiratory (complications with breathing)
- Ophthalmological (pertaining to the eye)
- Dermatological (pertaining to the skin).

A person may experience shortness of breath (dyspnea), a dry cough that persists, skin rashes (either erythema nodosum or other types of rashes), or inflammation in the eye.

Sometimes, a person with sarcoidosis complains of "feeling sick" and may experience fever or weight loss.
Sarcoidosis can affect nearly any organ, with the possible exception of the adrenal gland.

Skin lesions, or granulomas that develop on the skin, occur in about 25% of cases of Sarcoidosis .

Most skin lesions are harmless, although they can cause scarring and disfigurement.

One type, lupus pernio, develops on the face and can leave scars. Another type, erythrema nodosum, develops on the legs and is quite painful.

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