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I am a teenager (13 years old). How would you talk to me about prevention of obesity

and what can I do to avoid becoming overweight or obese.



Dear Lucie ,

I would talk to you about the direct relation between obesity and what you put in their mouth.

Although there are important factors to prevent obesity as who your ancestors are, what environment you have and how much exercise you do, the main factor is what you eat.

The aspect of eating is becoming a main issue not only for obesity but for all aspect of modern live
due to the characteristics of the processed food.

The most important thing that a teenager can do to avoid becoming overweight or obese is to be obsessive about what kind of processed food she or he eats.

Of course the best case scenario would be to avoid totally the ingestion of processed food.

The target for obesity prevention is to know who your food provider is and how is the chain of supply in the food business.

The food business is the origin of obesity. The industry is based on quantities and commodities and it is backed for all national governments because the objective is to supply food to the entire population not
only quality food for a part of the population.

To get that the food industry needs big help from labs and researchers in order to supply an average quality and low price.

Because the resources are always limited by nature and like any business it needs profit, the focus of the food industry is on processed food.

Food companies are constantly asking labs for a good taste at a low price, it makes the food processing a vital part of the food supply chain.

At the end food becomes a pharmaceutical-like product and a pharmaceutical-like product ends up being a complex, a very complex compound of biological effect.

The worst part of a biological effect in a drug product is a live threaten condition.

The worst part of a biological effect in food is obesity.

In order to limit the effects of processed food in teenagers and all people the best step to make is starting to involve in shopping for foods and cooking.

To know how to select nutrient-dense food and how to avoid as much as possible the ingestion of processed food.

More dietary fiber, less sugars and less sodium are concepts that a teenager needs to learn.
You will learn avoiding processed food.

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