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What the Mediterranean Diet is and pros and cons of the diet?



Dear Rose,

The Mediterranean Diet is a diet based on foods that people of the

Mediterranean area used to eat. It is more a marketing tool than a real diet

and more a stereotype than a fact.

It could be included on the group of fad diets.

The Pros of the Mediterranean Diet are:

1-The Mediterranean diet emphasizes healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

2-It has abundance of food from plant sources.

3-Emphasis on a variety of minimally processed and, wherever possible, seasonally fresh and locally grown foods

4-Olive oil is the principal fat.

5-Bread is a major part of this diet.

6-Pasta and rice are an important part of the diet.

7-It is protective against diseases like asthma.

8-It may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's.

9-It may decrease death from heart disease

10-It is inversely associated with body mass index and obesity.

11-It Lowers oxidized LDL.

12-Reduce the meat and meat products consumption.

13-It can help reduce cholesterol.

14-It has life-extending benefits.

15- Chronic diseases in people living in the area are less than average in developed countries.

16-The most common meat of all is game in season—birds rabbit and hare

17- Dinner or lunch takes a lot of time.

The Cons of the Mediterranean Diet are:

1-The consumption of wine and alcohol is big.

2-It reuses the oil to fry more than two or three times. Trans fats are created in this process.

3- It increases the fish intake of sardines and anchovies, but there is no mackerel, tuna and salmon (rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids).

4-There is not only one Mediterranean diet. At least 16 countries border the Mediterranean Sea with its on specific diets.

5-Its health benefits can also be attributed to the lifestyle of people living in the area (agricultural lifestyle and hedonist lifestyle)

6-It limits time and desire to physical exercise.

7-It doesn't help to lose weight.

8-It is 80% myth

9- Big cheese consumption

10-A good number of plates are loaded with butter or margarine and ground meat.

11- Ice cream or pie is customary for dessert.

12-There is plenty of saturated fat from meat.

13-Pork is eaten frequently.

14-Thin smoked sausages are consumed usually as appetizers and garnishes.

15- Egg consumption is big.

16- It stimulates the desire to smoke tobacco and cigars.

17- It has developed a culture around the dinner table.

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