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What are the risk and benefits of taking protein or amino acid supplements?



Dear Bob,

The risk and benefits of taking protein or amino acid supplements are based on the great knowledge that this kind of ingestion needs.

The best clear example of that is sport competition.

The development of performances in sports has been always based on protein scientific research.

When the scientific results were outstanding the performance was perfect even jumping doping regulations.

Ingestion of a good supplement accompanied by the follow up of an expert minimizes the risk.

The risk is amplified when there is not knowledge behind the decision of getting protein or amino acid supplements.

Even this knowledge is not enough sometimes to prevent the extension of big health problems in athletes who use protein supplements.

These health problems are usually hidden in the short term and are unknown to the public opinion because the characteristics of the business behind sport competition.

The big problem and the real risk come when people outside the best performers in sports realize that they can also get big results with extra protein ingestion due to the scientific modifications of proteins.

Thirty years ago it was impossible to build a sculptured body if that was not gifted by God or genetics.

Today, everybody from ordinary people to out performers athletes can get in months the perfect body.

The use of protein supplement is something overextended with dangerous side effects that are not measured because their symptoms show up in the long term.

The fact that science is one step ahead of regulators and regulators are hand tied for the “panem et circenses” (bread and circuses) of sport entertainment, is a real problem in our society.

Protein consumed outside the food is a much researched entity .It has been researched for sports and it has been developed in the last thirty years with the sword of the regulators on top of its head.

This situation has created a health concern mainly for young people. It must not be forgotten the issue that the scientific development of protein and amino acid supplements has been offered for the scientific community since the beginning as a big help for elder people.

However the majority of the users are young people damaging her body and mind in the long term.

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