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Could you describe choices I can make in selecting and preparing foods to lower my intake of solid fats?



Dear Lia,

In order to low the intake of solid fats you should usually follow these rules:

-To eat four servings of fish each week and select fish with low cholesterol like tilapia.

-To boil fish and meat (making exceptions).

-To drain the fat while cooking when you make the exceptions.

-To eat fat free dairy products.

-To be an avid reader of labels.

-To avoid restaurants as many times as possible.

-To take your time in groceries stores.

-To choose meats and poultry without skin.

-To use the scale everyday.

-To be an enemy of fast food.

-To trim any visible fat from meat and poultry.

-To stay away from cookies and pies.-To eat egg white with spinaches instead of eggs with spinaches.

-To select meats, poultry and fish.

-To watch the meat carefully while cooking.

-To select white meat over dark.

- To select meat with a good color and creamy white fat

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