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How is the eating service in an Assisted Living Facility?



Dear Nora,

We have been collecting information regarding old people living in an specific Assisted Living Facility and we have found the following issues about eating:
-Around twenty percent of the residents need assisting with eating.
-Another small percentage, around 5% people there, due to their health they neither have any interest about eating nor capacity or ability to do it by their self.
-The people unable to eat properly need support from the staff in order to reach the minimal intakes of food and minimal amounts of calories and nutrients.
-The staff gives them multivitamin supplements and different liquid shakes of vitamins.
-The diet usually is adequate with the exception sometimes of excessive sugar eaten through pies, cookies and ice creams.
-Fruits should be taken in more consideration.
 -Some foods don't have the optimal presentation because a good number of residents in the facility don't have the physical means like teeth. They have usually denture.
-Cookers and people working on the kitchen usually do a good job; they care about the residents in the Assisted Living Facility and their food demands.


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