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At age 50-plus how risky is to do more exercise



Dear Andrew,

Taking your fitness workouts to the extreme is based on the theory that more is always better but as a result, you are stressing your joints, straining your backs and landing in the one spot you hope to avoid: the doctor's office.

Ailments tied to muscles and bones have surpassed the common cold as the No. 1 reason for physician visits in the U.S.

Today the human being has a mismatch between longevity and durability.

You're going to live longer but your musculoskeletal system isn't designed to go many years.

After the 40th birthday you are more vulnerable. The changes are inevitable, but problems are not.

It is important identify the weak links in the body (bone spur above rotator cuff ,arthritic knee) and work safely around that.

For every extra pound your knee is carrying, your knee thinks it is five to seven pounds.

There are drawbacks to some exercises that people consider low-impact, such as swimming ( you will not get bone strength. ) or cycling.

Cross-training is a good advise to prevent problems in people at risk of osteoporosis.

If you're a runner, you're going to have a great cardiovascular system, and you're probably going to be lean. But you're going to have a relatively weak upper body, you're going to have a tight lower back. So try to balance your activity, take a yoga class two times a week .

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