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How I can evaluate the carbohydrate contents of my diet considering it would meet the needs of a physically active person?



Dear Ruth,

An example of the carbohydrate contents in grams of your diet in a normal day should be:

Soy milk 15
Yogurt 31
Cereals 50
Apples 19
Apricots 18
Bananas 35
Blackberries 18
Blueberries 57
Grapes 28
Kiwi 14
Whole wheat bread 42
Orange 14
Nuts 16
Pasta 44
Vegetables 5
Total grams 406

The normal dietary carbohydrate recommended for a moderate training intensity with duration of 90 minutes is:

5 grams per kg of body weight 

If your body weight is 64 kg. It implies 320 grams of carbohydrate.
We think that this carbohydrate loading is correct and meet the needs of a physically active person.


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