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I need to send my mother to an Assisted Living Facility .
How residents of an Assisted Living Facility occupy their time physically, socially and mentally.



Dear Hillary,

In the Assisted Living Facility that we have checked, the time is well organized.

Residents occupy their time in the exercise class, in the entertainment activity and in the news and events class.

In the exercise class all residents are placed in chairs and make different type of corporal movements and exercises.

In the entertainment activity residents usually go to the theater and shopping centers. They also play bowling and compete with another Assisted Living Facility.

In the news and events class they read newspapers, they play bingo in order to recognize numbers and play trivia as a mental exercise.

Beside this activities the residents of this Assisted Living Facility often they do gardening, decorating and create crafts.

Another activity that is more a service than activity, the weekly hair salon, it has become in one of the most social activities.

Discussion in groups regarding health issues and food aspects are also activities that require an important participation from residents and are well appreciated by them.


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