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Question: :Does it mean anything medically if you urinate and there is no coloration to it. The color is as clear as water. Please advise ASAP


Answer: Dear Kevin,

Normal urine may vary in color from almost colorless to dark yellow. Some foods (like beets and blackberries) may color the urine red.

Abnormal urine color is dark, rusty or brown

Normally, dilute urine is nearly colorless

Colorless urine is often the result of diuretic use or high fluid intake, which can be harmless.

Diabetes insipidus is associated with colorless urine, the ingestion of ethyl alcohol, and hypercalcemia, a condition caused by too much calcium in the system because of faulty metabolization.

When you drink a lot of liquid, your kidneys should produce greater-than-normal amounts of dilute urine ,low specific gravity.

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