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Question (03/24 /2012):

Title: Drinking water and glaucoma .


I am a glaucoma suspect though not diagnosed.

But I am using Tears Natural and Timolast drops at present.

I read an article that early in the morning to drink 6 glass of water.

This is called 6 glass of water theory.

With my above background, can I drink 6 glass of water?



Dear Nandagopal,

There is a clinical evaluation called the water drinking test, in which a person that is a glaucoma suspect fasts for at least three hours and then is asked to drink one liter of water in less than five minutes. Intraocular pressure measurements then are taken every 15 minutes.

These are compared to previously obtained results for the patient. It has been observed that eye pressure in glaucoma suspects can be raised higher than 6 mmHg during this test.

Studies have indicated that the spikes in intraocular pressure observed in some glaucoma suspects during the water drinking test are transient. Peak pressure is observed at 30 minutes (the second point at which the eye pressure is measured) and full recovery back to the original eye pressure occurs within 60 minutes. This period is too short to cause any real damage.

Virtually anything that places the body under stress can cause transient increases in eye pressure.

Drinking too much water on a daily basis can potentially tax organs in the body such as the kidneys if they already are weak.

Drinking large quantities of water in a short period of time can place the body in a temporary state of stress.

A person should not restrict their daily fluid intake because they have glaucoma.


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