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Question (03/17 /2012):

Title: Prominence of Azygos vein and Fat Pad overlying cardiophrenic angle after Pneumonia.

Hello there sir/madam,

I was on anti biotic course for a month for pneumonia.

Although I don't feel completely fine but there seems to be few improvements.

And so I got chest x ray done again.

And here are the findings:

1.Fat Pad is seen overlying left cardiophrenic angle.

2. Right diaphragmatic humping is noted.

3. Slight prominence of right azygos vein is noted.

4. Horizontal fissure is seen.

5. Cardiac size appears normal.

6. Aorta and both hila appear normal.

7. Bony thorax is normal.

Impression: No Pulmonary Pleural Lesion is Seen.

Following is my chest report A MONTH AGO (posted question earlier):

Suspicious subtle Left Hilar Prominence noted.

Horizontal Fissure is seen

Right diaphragmatic humping with bilateral scalloping is noted

Otherwise, both lung fields and pleural appear clear

Cardiac size is normal Aorta and right hilum appear normal

Bony thorax is normal

My questions:

Does it indicate recovery from infection?

Earlier there was a prominence in left hilum but now report doesn't mention that.

What do findings 1 & 3 (about fat pad & azygos) indicate?

Do they have any relation possible with pneumonia?

Also, I have a varicose vein below my LEFT knee.

Thanks a lot.




Dear Noor,

A slight prominence of right azygos vein is a venous anomaly of the thorax.

Venous anomalies of the thorax range from isolated incidental findings to components of more complex anomalies.

A poorly defined opacity is often seen at the cardiophrenic angles due to pericardial fat pads.

A "pericardial fat pad" is a small lump of fatty tissue on the outside of the heart. Cardiologists generally consider it as of little or no significance.

A CT of chest after a Right Middle Lobe Pneumonia may show a pericardial fat pad.

An Azygos Lobe is a small accessory lobe sometimes found on the upper part of the right lung; separated from the rest of the upper lobe by a deep groove lodging the azygos vein, of little clinical significance.

Pneumonia may increase the opacity of the azygos lobe.

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