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Question (03/9/2012):

Title: Knee pain, back pain, palpitations, shortness of breath and Hilar Prominence.

Hello, I have been getting knee pain since few weeks and later on, I started getting back pain too.

I got x ray done of my knee and report came out normal.

And then I felt something fishy.

Slowly in coming weeks, I started getting palpitations (feeling strong heartbeats very often and so on) and later on, shortness of breath.

Then I turned to a chest physician.

He saw the report of my x ray which said "Left Hilar Prominence".

(See details of my report at the end of question)

He said I have a mild pneumonia after a small checkup and seeing x ray and I was put on course of 3 different anti biotics.

When I started having this course, I coughed a little blood (I don't have chronic cough of phlegm till now).

My condition seems better in past 20 days (10 days still left for medicine course) but I am still not sure and I want to have a second opinion on my condition.

I rarely get palpitations, lesser knee pain etc BUT thing is I do get them and which makes me feel something fishy.

And I feel like having second opinion on my condition.

Any suggestions?

Details of x-ray:

Suspicious subtle Left Hilar Prominence noted.

Horizontal Fissure is seen Right diaphragmatic humping with bilateral scalloping is noted

Otherwise, both lung fields and pleural appear clear

Cardiac size is normal Aorta and right hilum appear normal

Bony thorax is normal



Dear Noor,

An undulating scalloped (humping) appearance to the entire diaphragm is commonly seen in normal patients, and thin individuals.

A scalloped appearance to the hemidiaphragm is not uncommon.

The most common causes of hilar prominence on chest x-ray films are vascular engorgement and adenopathy.

Any pneumonia can cause unilateral hilar adenopathy.

You can find helpful information regarding your condition at:

Hilar Prominence

Hilar prominence | Pain in both ankles

Hilar prominence and pain in thoracic area

There are many diseases that can cause enlargement or prominence of the hilum.

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