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Which are the main skin care issues for elderly people?

How important is skin care over fifties and how I can take care of my skin that never was a problem

except some pruritus?




Dear Nathan,

Skin protects us from harmful external stimuli and bacterial invasion.

Elderly skin care will always include caring for dry skin.

The elderly and inactive are much more susceptible to skin problems because the vascularity of the dermis decreases.

The older you get, the more important it is to take care of your skin.It becomes thinner and begins to sag, causing wrinkles.

Two thirds of the octogenarians use to report medical concerns regarding their skin, with pruritus as the most frequent complaint.

Skin problems are common among the elderly and that at present their dermatologic needs are largely unmet.

Despite a high prevalence and long average duration of dermatologic concerns in elderly people, very few subjects had consulted a physician for these problems, and no complaints other than "rashes" and pruritus had ever been discussed with any health care professional.

The elderly require special skin care because their skin is thin and dry. Care must be taken to prevent the skin from becoming too dry.

Itch reduction is a skin care need in the elderly.

Elderly skin care will always include caring for dry skin.

Treating dry skin isn't hard

The following are practical guidelines on how to take care of the skin of older people

-Keep the Skin Clean.

-Avoid hot baths or too frequent showering/bathing. This will dry skin out further.

-Bathing every other day is recommended if the elder doesn't get physically dirty.

-Use a baby wash.

-Keep the Skin Hydrated.

-After showering or bathing, don't dry them off too much, a little bit of water left on the skin will help seal in the body's natural moist.

-After showering or bathing apply a light coating of a skin conditioner, body lotion, or moisturizer.

-After the shower, while still wet get a spritzer and fill the body with non-mineral-based baby oil.

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