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When I jump I hear a weird sort of sloshing sound from my stomach. My stomach sounds like there is water sloshing around inside my abdomen like water in a bathtub.

I sometimes feel abdominal pain.



Dear Rosalie,

Sloshing, gurgling, and noises that resemble a waterfall in your gut are strong indicators of a food allergy to wheat and a celiac disease.

Celiac sufferers produce antibodies to attack the gluten, but the same antibodies also attack the intestine, causing damage and illness.

One symptom of celiac disease is abdominal pain.

Untreated celiac disease can be life threatening and has also been linked an increased risk of certain types of cancer, especially intestinal lymphoma.

A blood test is available to screen for the presence of specific antibodies. A biopsy of the intestine (before beginning a gluten free diet) is needed to make a final diagnosis.

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