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How good is cold for my knee injury?




Dear Tom,

Cold has analgesic effects similar to those of heat: An ice pack on the joint relieves pain, especially after an injury.

Treatment for stiff joints can include hot and cold.

Some relief methods for knee injury pain include applying heat or cold to sore the joint to temporarily relieve the pain and stiffness.

The cold reduces the inflammation and swelling.

In just about every knee injury, hot and cold therapy along with immobilization of the joint will alleviate the pain

Alternating hot and cold compresses on the painful area gives relief.

Cold laser pain therapy has been used to treat musculoskeletal pain, muscles, joints, strains, inflammation throughout the world for many years.

In general, ice is ideal for soft tissue injuries such as bruises, sprains, or acute trauma. Cold numbs the sore area and significantly reduces swelling and discomfort.

There is a debate over whether to use cold or heat, it stems from the fact that both cold and heat can help to reduce inflammation.

Using cold or heat may come down to what feels better.

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