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I'm 43yrs old woman and 4 year's ago my Dhea sulfate read 662.

I went to see a endocrinologist and all that was done was a ct scan and a urine test. Nothing ever came of this.

However I'm 5'8 and weighed 152 lbs at that time.

Now I'm just putting on weight, I now weigh 164 Lbs and its all around the middle. Should I be concerned? I also have hypothyroidism; my reading at that time was the TSH of 72 and normal being 0.04 to 5.5.

I have always been very thin and all my family as well. I do have another appt. with another endocrinologist soon.



Dear TAMMY ,

Your Dhea sulfate read 662 is out of range

DHEA sulfate first appears around adolescence, near puberty, goes to very high levels during reproductive years, and then falls off in the fourth, fifth, and sixth decades to very low levels

DHEA sulfate is a prohormone. DHEA sulfate circulates with a huge slow turning pool that is converted inside target tissues to testosterone in amounts you can't measure very well

A growing body of studies has demonstrated the inverse relationship between DHEA-sulfate (DHEA-S) and the pathological alterations associated with the metabolic syndrome

Thyroid hormone may stimulate the synthesis of the steroids, DHEA, DHEA-S, and PREG-S, and DHEA sulfotransferase might be increased in hyperthyroidism.

There are studies that demonstrate a negative relationship between the levels of the above mentioned immunoprotective steroids and the extent of the
autoimmune process in hypothyroidism.


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