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I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.
How good are yoga , aerobics, weight lifting and spinning?
They are my routine exercise


Dear Nicole,

Yoga has made a huge difference for a lot of people, in fact it's the only thing some people is doing to maintain a healthy back.

Patients who have degenerative discs in the lumbar spine can aid themselves by losing weight, building the back and stomach muscles through an exercise program, swimming, yoga and pilates, and other core strengthening programs.

Some doctors recommend yoga for back problems.

Yoga will not rebuild the back or reverse degenerative disc disease as commonly promised.

Aerobics (low impact) offers many benefits including improved muscular endurance, coordination, strength, strong abdominal muscles, and weight loss. Strong abdominal muscles work like a brace (or corset) to reduce the loads to the lumbar spine.

It is also known that aerobics help to combat anxiety and depression. The loads on the discs during walking are only slightly greater than when lying down. Walking, bicycling, and swimming are forms of aerobic exercise a physician may suggest.

Once the initial exercises are introduced and prove to be safe and effective (usually about 7-10 days into it), aerobic exercise, such as running, aerobics, cycling, weight lifting, etc., can be introduced. Start slowly and add in small increments. If and when any symptoms come on, you're going too quickly and must back off for a couple days. Never ignore what your back is telling you.

Spinning, an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle called a spinning bike is probably with swimming ( Backstroke style) one of the best exercise for degenerative disc disease.

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