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Question: I was diagonosed with mucosal neuroma in the tongue. For the past year I have been having dry throat half way during the night while sleeping.  I have to wake up to drink water.  But recently I have this feeling even after drinking water.  Normally this feeling will go away  after I wake up in the morning and taken my breakfast.  But even when I take my afternoon nap nowadays I have this dry throat resulting me in drinking a lot of water. There also seems to be a lot of phelgm in my throat.  I had a CT Scan last month because there was a swell at my neck and my ENT says my neck, mouth, even lungs can be seen as clear, normal. Does this means I do not have cancer of the throat? I only sleep in an airconditioned room at night and only with the air on for 3 hrs. During the day I don't sleep in an airconditioned room. I also have dry mouth. I am on Controloc 40 mg for 4 months and lately doc reduce it to 20 mg for my GERD. I have this uncomfortable bulging feeling/something stuck on my tongue/numb feeling  where I had my biopsy of my right side of my  tongue for mucosal neuroma but docs says it could be scar tissue or maybe my anxiety/depression or maybe traumatic neuroma.  In the morning I take 2 probiotic tablet together with 1 controloc 20 mg.  Then after breakfast I take Xanax 1/2 tablet of 0.25mg.  Doc also asked me to take Lexapro 20mg, but after taking for a few days I cannot tolerate it as I felt cold and numb and more anxious.  Some docs says all my problems with my tongue and mouth is due to my anxiety/depression problem.  I have depression because of my great fear of getting MEN Type III, my right  biopsy result on my tongue in Sept 06 is mucosal neuroma, 2nd biopsy in Nov 06 on left shows inflammed pappilae.  In October 06, have gone thro full urine catechlomine test, ultra sound, blood tests everything is normal.  Docs will do another full test for me in June this year. But my tongue where the neuroma was, the scar looks reddish and discomfort the whole day. Like it is dry and something is stuck to my tongue, it also feels numb.  Docs says it could be anything, but not cancerous, they are not going to do another biopsy cos neuroma is not cancerous and I cant keep cutting my tongue, just wait another 6 months to 1 year  to monitor.. But most of the docs says it looks quite normal. My maxilofacial professor says depression is causing all this and I must take antidepressant.  I also have dry and burning  mouth. Angie

Answer: Dear Angie,

A dry throat/mouth can have several causes. Examples of those causes are the following:

- Dry mouth is a very common side effect of prescription drugs such as depression, anxiety, pain and allergy drugs.
- Dry mouth can also occur when the salivary glands have been damaged (through surgery, chemotherapy).
- Smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause dry mouth as well as breathing with the mouth open most of the time.

When dry mouth is causes my medications taken, it is recommended to talk to your doctor, so he can prescribe other medications that will not have such side effects. There is also medication that helps the body produce more saliva and therefore offer relief for dry mouth.

Other steps that can help reduce the occurrence of dry mouth are:

- Using a humidifier in the house that will add moisture to the air.
- Breathing through nose, not mouth.
- Drinking plenty of water.

Multiple endocrine neoplasia is a inherited disorder, that means it is genetic and a person will have it since birth. Genetic testing will help you discover if you have MEN. If you don't have MEN now, you will never have it, as it cannot appear on its own. The only way to have MEN is if your ancestors had it and was inherited by you when you were born.

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