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Question (06/16/2012):

Title: Bowel loops | Right hilar prominence | Low calcium

My father is 62 years old, he is nonsmoker and he has severe pain in stomach.

Doctor advised for USG Abdomen and X ray and blood test too.

in USG Few hyperstatic bowel loops seen and in Xray right hilar is prominent in blood test calcium is low and IgG to mycobacterium in 147 units and IgM to mycobacterium is negative he has no problem with any lung disorder.

Please tell me in detail, is it something serious?



Dear Devendra,

Closed loop obstruction is a specific type of obstruction in which two points along the course of a bowel are obstructed at a single location thus forming a closed loop.

A bowel obstruction may show dilated loops of bowel and prevents the normal transit of the products of digestion.

You may find causes of Hilar prominence at:

Hilar prominence could suggest inflammation

Abnormally low levels of calcium may indicate:

-Hyperparathyroidism, or low activity of the parathyroid gland
-Malabsorption disorders
-Renal osteodystrophy or thinning of bones caused by kidney failure
-Vitamin D deficiency

Severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur in advanced malabsorption; symptoms are related to
the specific nutrient deficiency.

Vitamin B 12 deficiency may occur in blind loop syndrome.

Blind loop syndrome, also known as Stagnant loop syndrome, is a medical condition that occurs when the intestine is obstructed

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies are proteins made by the body's natural defense system (immune system). They attack and destroy things that they recognize as different from the body's normal healthy tissues, such as bacteria and viruses.

Normal values of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) are: 565-1765 mg/dL

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