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How can I keep my knees healthy?



Dear Lando,

These are twenty two recommendations to keep healthy knees:

1-Warm Up Correctly.

Warming Up is one of the simplest things you can do to prevent your knees from deteriorating. Take a few minutes to walk around. All movements should be done slowly. Use slow, steady movements.

2-Get Some Hip Mobility.

3-Get Some Ankle Mobility.

4-Get Better Technique.

5-Maintain a healthy weight.

6-Stop when it hurts.

7-Recover and Stretch.

8-Increasing the number of leg raises as your quad muscles get stronger.

9-Stand with your back against a wall, and your feet straight in front of you. Slide down, keeping your back against the wall, until you are in a slight sitting position.

10-Don't overstretch. Overstretched ligaments can make the joint unstable, allowing the bones to rub and grind. That hurts and also slowly injures the joint.

11-When stepping up stairs or an incline, don't step toe first. Put your whole foot down press through the heel so that your muscles lift you, not your knee joint.

12-When stepping down, step toe first.

13-Walk and run by rolling heel to toe.

14-Reduce impact and twisting.

15-Varying your exercise routine -- low- or no-impact aerobic exercises (swimming, walking, or cycling) twice a week, strength exercises (lifting light weights or household items) twice a week, mixed with stretching and relaxation exercises.

16-Keep your muscles in mind. Weight training helps strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding joints, protecting them from damage.

17-Add ice. Icing your joints after exercise can help you manage pain and prevent swelling. When you exercise, you draw a lubricant called synovial fluid to your joints. But if the fluid sticks around too long after exercise, it can cause cracks in the cartilage.

18-Eat beneficial foods. Studies show the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can help not only reduce symptoms associated with joint pain but also change the levels of inflammation that may be causing some of the pain. Fish oil slows the production of inflammation-signaling cells. The best sources are fish such as salmon and tuna.

19-Keep kneecaps facing the same direction as toes, not twisting inward.

20-Remember healthy knee positioning during all activities.

21-Don't let your knees (or ankles) sway inward under your weight.

22-Get enough sleep.

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